What is a Mantra?

What is a Mantra?  ‘Man‘ means the mind, tra is the method, technique or tool to deliver or carry across, and the […]

Quick Energizers

  Are you feeling a bit tired, restless or out of sorts?   Here are some quick fix suggestions. 1.  Stand with […]

Sound of the Gong for Healing

The gong is sometimes used during a Kundalini Yoga Class for relaxation, but imagine the sound of eight gongs! Recently I […]

Cuba Si

Cuba Si Last month I made my 3rd trip to Cuba, this time flying with Sunwing and staying at Breezes […]

Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track – Southern New Zealand On one of my trips back to New Zealand I decided to […]

Sri Lanka

When I mentioned that I was going to Sri Lanka, I was met with questions like ‘Why’ or ‘Where is […]


Egypt, the land of mysteries and intrigue has captured my imagination for most of my life.  My interest in Egyptian […]