Kriya for Expanding Lung Capacity


Early fall is a good time for cleansing and also for keeping the organs of the lungs and large intestine strong and healthy.  A good hike and breathing in fresh air is great for the lungs but here is a short kriya you can do at home.Deep Cove 1

1.  Sit in Easy Pose.  Raise the arms up with the elbows bent at a right angle.  Now bend the wrists so that the palms are facing up.  Maintain this position for 1 minute.  To end:  Inhale deeply and hold for 10 seconds.  Exhale.  Repeat 3 more times then exhale and hold the breath out.  Apply Mulbandh (Root Lock).  Inhale, hold briefly and exhale.

Deep Cove 22.  Sit in Easy Pose and begin Long Deep Breathing for 10 minutes.  With each inhalation, fully expand and raise the rib cage.  If you are not used to breathing in this full, deep, smooth way, you might experience a transient adjustment or get light headed.  Though an infrequent effect, it passes quickly if it occurs.  Firm concentration at the brow will alleviate most imbalances.  If it persists, stop and be sure your breathing pattern is correct and that you are not paradoxically breathing.  (Paradoxical Breathing is when you inhale and pull the belly in rather than inhale and let the belly come out)  If you are a beginner you can breathe for a shorter time, stop briefly and resume the practice until the time is completed.  Very quickly you will be able to do the entire time comfortably and with increasing steadiness, alertness and vitality.  Move from this exercise immediately into the next.

Deep Cove 33.  Sit up with the legs extended.  Bend forward and hold the toes.  Inhale; exhale and hold the breath out.  Pump the belly as long as possible, then inhale and exhale; repeat 2 more times.

Comments.  Exercise 1 turns on the energy to the lungs and heart.  Exercise 2 uses the energy to expand the lung capacity.  Exercise 3 balances and distributes the prana.

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