About Marie

While growing up in New Zealand, I was fortunate that we enjoyed a beautiful vegetable garden.  We would eat fresh real food in season and my mother would preserve fruit bought locally.  I remember going out and raiding the strawberry patch or picking peas and eating them right out of the pods.  How many children today get to do that?  Looking back to my childhood, that is probably where my journey to wellness began. I am so glad to see the community gardens and markets flourishing where I currently live in Vancouver.

After moving to Canada I worked in the travel business for over 30 years and enjoyed helping clients realize their dreams and of course I loved all the wonderful places I travelled to myself.   The catalyst for my transition into Wellness was a week at Rancho la Puerta which is the oldest destination spa in North America.  I had always wanted to go there and finally I made it happen.  It was truly a remarkable week, as after flying around the world and having a busy career I had never actually had a week just for myself, to be still and contemplate life. This ultimately led me to attend Wellness College and later become a Wellness / Yoga Teacher while continuing my travel work.   I continue to travel, to teach, to study and learn new ways to help my clients on their own journey.

“The real act of discovery is not finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes”      Marcel Proust