Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is gaining popularity, especially with our aging population, but it is also suitable for all ages.

Like the yoga you do on the mat, chair yoga helps you breathe and relax the mind and body. If you’ve ever worried you couldn’t do the exercises of a regular yoga class, chair yoga is the solution. Even people who have health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure and chronic pain can participate.

You can do a wide variety of exercises in a chair and still get a good workout.  Classes are generally 60 minutes and usually include standing poses using the chair for balance and support.  Those who are unable to stand can do the upper part of the exercise sitting or can just take the time to rest.  These chair exercises help build confidence and increase flexibility, while the relaxation techniques help release tension and anxiety.

Chair yoga makes a trouble-free workout at work because you don’t have to change into exercise clothes and the only equipment you need is, you guessed it, a chair.

Recognizing that modern-day workers are hunched over their computers for hours at a time, often feeling stressed and overwhelmed, workplaces now encourage employee wellness, including yoga sessions at lunch. Chair yoga is an ideal option.

Even if you have no time for a class, you can still practice standing and stretching poses right at the desk throughout the day.  Simply looking up from the computer and doing eye exercises, shoulder shrugs and neck rolls can be beneficial for your health and that of your office.

‘Give yourself a cup of understanding, a barrel of love and an ocean of patience’

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