Driving in New Zealand

Turn Right, keep Left!!!

That was my mantra while driving in New Zealand last month.  It always takes me a few days to get the hang of driving on the left.  Also I’d end up turning on my windshield wipers instead of the indicator which got a bit annoying, especially when there was no rain the whole trip, joy!   After sorting out my left right and repeating my mantra the next thing to watch out for is the speed.  During Christmas holidays there was zero tolerance for driving over 100 km hour, so as I was happily driving down a long road with absolutely no-one on it but me, out of no-where I got pulled over and received a caution in the amount of $80.00. A few days later I am again happily driving, thinking what a gorgeous day it was and I really loved driving in New Zealand, and I got pulled over again, this time I was going too slow and holding up traffic.  That would have resulted in another ticket but the kind policeman felt a bit sorry for me I think.  Although I thought having to blow into a breathalyser at Noon was a bit over the top!

NZ road2So the moral is that you cannot go over 100, but if you are going less than 100 and there are cars behind you, you must pull over and let them pass.  Many of these roads are only 2 lanes as the policeman reminded me, not the 4 lane highways of Canada.

In addition, the roads can be very windy so obeying the limits recommended to navigate the bends makes for a more pleasant drive.

Since returning I have found a website for ‘foreigners’ to learn about the road rules in New Zealand, funny that.  Here it is.  http://www.drivesafe.org.nz/