Float Tank

Insight FloatAre you having trouble finding a quiet space or the time to meditate? Why not try a Float Tank also called a sensory deprivation tank or float therapy. Here you will be totally free of distractions, it is just you and you! I have to say I was a little apprehensive when I showed up for my  appointment at Float Sense in Burnaby. I wondered how I would be in a tank with the door shut but the owner assured me I could leave the door ajar if I wanted to. I knew I could use my breathing skills to counter any anxiety so after taking a shower I climbed in, using the ‘noodle’ to keep the door propped. I tried to settle in but my neck was not comfortable at all and I remembered the owner suggesting using the noodle under my neck. But as I had used the noodle to prop the door I lay there deciding what to do. I was a bit agitated and thinking how was I going to spend 90 minutes in this tank!  I just didn’t like the whole thing and couldn’t imagine coming back. After a few minutes I got back out, found a towel to prop the door, climbed back in and used the noodle to support my neck.  Oh yes that felt much better already. After settling in and some calm deep breathing, within a few minutes I realized I was actually enjoying the float. What a great way to relax the body and mind, leaving the outer world behind, no distractions and you can just be. Even if you don’t meditate you are still getting the physical benefit of 800 lbs of Epsom salts in the tank to detoxify the body. About 30-45 minutes in, your mind starts producing theta brainwaves, which can inspire creativity and inspiration.  I found it best to keep perfectly still and with the water temperature at 93.5 you get a sense of not knowing quite where your body ends and the water begins. At the end of the session, gentle music is played indicating it is time to get out and shower. I felt really relaxed and now when I go I have no problem being in the tank with the door closed.

For more information visit www.floatsense.com