Food for Life, Vrindavan

Sandipani Muni Childrens School, Vrindavan.

IMG_2404We arrived in time for school assembly and prayers.   This is a school where only the poorest children can attend.    I was expecting sadness, but here I felt great hope. The children were happy, they are getting educated and have an opportunity to get out of the cycle of poverty.  After prayers, they came over to us, grabbed our hands and got us up dancing in circles.  They were so beautiful in their navy school uniforms which are given to them as well as a backpack, school books and they are also provided lunch.  As an incentive to keep the girls in school until they graduate, they launched a Save our Girls program where they ask donors for an additional $5.00 per month.  This is kept in a special bank account and when the girl reaches 18 she can receive it.  This has reduced the number of girls Kidstaken out of school to get married.  It costs approx US $45.00 month to sponsor a child.  They are learning yoga  and we were given a demonstration, no fancy mats or props here.  Some learn music and dance, sewing, computers as well as regular studies.  There is also a medical clinic here where they can lay down if they aren’t well, and receive medical attention.  Some parents are given work like making the school uniforms which helps the family even more.   We got to serve the kindergarten kids milk and cookies.   Again a very emotional experience.  The Food for Life Program is changing lives  one child at a time.

Learn more on video below or visit their website