Govardhan Eco Village, India

Insight Eco VillageThis was a pleasant 2 1/2 hour drive from the airport, the roads seemed better than around Delhi and lots of trees, of course it is more tropical here.

The Eco Village was inspired by Radhanath Swami, yet another American born Swami.  His story is full of intrigue, he hitchhiked his way from England to India, lived in caves, learning how to survive, later becoming a Swami, dedicating his life to service and devotion.  As well as the Eco Village, he has guided social programs including lunch program for school children and a hospital in Mumbai.  A remarkable man and after reading his book The Journey Home, I was looking forward to meeting him.

I loved it here, it was such a beautiful place to unwind and relax Insight Clayafter the intensity of Vrindavan.  We stayed in rooms made of mud bricks but with all the amenities we needed like a nice hot shower.  They have developed a water purification system with environmental awards from the government.  We did our yoga practice on a cow dung floor under a straw roof.  When the cow dung is dried it doesn’t smell.  They have their own cows and they are much loved and very well looked after.  We got to brush and feed them.  Cow Dung has many uses including making medicines.  We also got to thrash rice which was fun but I’m glad I didn’t have to do that all day.  Stomping our feet in mud to prepare the mud bricks was also fun – we thought it was a great spa treatment!!

They also had other activities like Whirly painting on clay, cooking classes, a swimming pool and an ayervedic spa. We were so well looked after here, the food from the organic garden was delicious and the staff so warm hearted.