Relax & Renew Women’s Retreat

Fuel your Body & Mind with Movement, Creativity & Relaxation

NOVEMBER 17 & 18, 2018: 8.00AM – 3.30PM

Forever Fit Studio, 16241 – 61A Ave, Surrey BC

Retreat Dusk


During our two days together, you will experience:

  • A powerful Kundalini Yoga Set to open the channels through which your creativity can flow and a Meditation to connect you with your feminine side. Never done this type of Yoga before?  – No worries it is suitable for everyone.
  • Express your creativity through a card making workshop
  • Enjoy a 20-minute Healing Reflexology Session.  Reflexology is a natural and simple way of helping your body to heal itself. It is a holistic therapy that works on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your wellbeing by applying a gentle pressure to specific reflexes on your feet. A massage from the inside out!
  • Learn how to connect to your core and improve your posture and confidence in a dynamic Pilates Class. No previous experience needed.
  • Two amazing talks on how your inner world creates your reality and that you get what you think – and the secret to really getting what you want!
  • Two nutritional talks where you will enjoy making your own Buddha Bowl and learn how to make a nutritious Smoothie!
  • Total relaxation with Yoga Nidra also known as Yoga Sleep. This is a systematic method, holistically addressing physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs.  Yoga Nidra unwinds the nervous system which is the foundation of the body’s wellbeing. 
  • Enjoy a walk in the forest during your lunch break to ground your energy


What’s Included

Two nutritious lunches to nourish your bodyBuddha Bowl

Healthy Snacks both days

Energetic Yoga Class to centre yourself and get your creative energy flowing

Pilates Class to connect to your core

Card Making Workshop to engage your creative side 

20-minute Reflexology Session

Two transformational Classes

Relaxing Yoga Nidra



This retreat is totally for you if …

 You are willing to explore new possibilities

You are feeling like you need to take a pause from your routine

You would like to connect with others

You feel stuck and need a reset




Retreat Facilitators

 Sherry Norman-Martin – Studio Owner, Certified Nutritionist, Fitness, Pilates & Yoga Instructor  

Marie Chang – Certified Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

Michelle Bell – Creative Designer at Krazee Mama

Sandra Watson – Certified Reflexologist

Darcy Bailey – Certified David Bayer Transformational Mindset & Business Coach & Art Therapist


Your Investment – $247.00 per person

 Pre-registration required


Prepayment 7 days in advance – non-refundable for cancellation within 48 hours