Sound of the Gong for Healing


The gong is sometimes used during a Kundalini Yoga Class for relaxation, but imagine the sound of eight gongs!

Recently I participated in a Gong Bath at Wisteria Retreat Centre in Ft Langley.  The location is rather unique as the studio is above a barn so you get to say hello to the horses before you go upstairs.

So what is a Gong Bath you might be wondering.  Well, you lay down and get comfortable on a mat and get ‘bathed’ in layers of sound as Kathy & Paul play these gongs with great co-ordination and harmony.  They start with some drumming and integrate other instruments such as crystal bowls to create a wonderful hour of healing and relaxation. The waves of sound penetrate the psyche, the mind settles down and your worries drift away as you surrender to the energy and vibration.  Before you know it the time is up and the sound fades away as you are brought gently back.

Besides creating deep relaxation, the gong stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.  It also impacts the body and its meridians; it helps reduce tension, stimulates circulation and releases blocks.  For this reason the gong can stir up emotions and people react in different ways as feelings get released.

Forever Fit Studio in Cloverdale hosts Gong Baths during the year so if you are interested in attending, or want to check out other locations where  Paul will be playing visit his website Harmony of the Spheres

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