What is a Mantra?


What is a Mantra? 

Man‘ means the mind, tra is the method, technique or tool to deliver or carry across, and the purpose of chanting mantra’s  is really to clean the window of the mind.   Mantra’s  have shades  of meaning, in that we don’t take the words literally, but the power of the mantra is in the sound vibration.   You will be guided to different mantras on your life journey, vibrational prayers/affirmations that connect you back to the heart.  Chanting them regularly allows our vibration to link and connect to the energy of the uni verse (one verse)  which is sound light and energy.

We are creating with every word we speak, and even with every word we think. When we chant a mantra we are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in those particular syllables. Whether it is for prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition, or any of the other multitude of possible benefits inherent in mantras, simply by chanting them we are setting vibrations into motion that shall have an effect. It doesn’t actually matter if we understand the meaning of the sounds or not. The Flow of Eternal Power by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

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