Why Meditate at the same time?


Meditation helps clear the subconscious of fears. As each fear comes up and we look upon it neutrally, the fear loses its power over us. We become more flexible and feel more free. Most fears were learned at a particular time of day. So these fears tend to occur most intensely at the time of day they were originally experienced. By meditating in the morning, we slowly attract the anxieties from all other parts of the day. Normally we react to anxieties on their time and conditions. In meditation, the effects of old fears come to us on our time and under our conditions. Since they come at the same time each day, it becomes easier and easier to deal with each one. Eventually the mind is cleared of the clouds of fear and begins to see the light and power of creative consciousness. Then the morning meditation clears out the daily worries and projections so no further long term subconscious fears can accumulate. Another reason for meditating at the same time is that it creates a habit or routine and this natural rhythm will help it get easier. Optimum time for meditation is between 4.00am – 6.30am. There is much prana – life force energy in these hours, fewer people are awake and busy, so the clutter and bustle of daily actitivites does not interfere with your practice. Next best time is early evening 4.00PM – 6.30PM and the next best time is when you can do it!


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